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Kaiser George & The Hi-Risers "Transatlantic Dynamite" CD

Kaiser George & The Hi-Risers "Transatlantic Dynamite" CD

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What happens when you mix British Invasion Beat Pop with real Stateside Rock 'n' Roll? Don't try it at home folks, because Spinout Records have already conducted the experiment for you in the relative safety of the recording studio and the result is imprinted on this disc. Be sure to handle with caution for it truly is "Transatlantic Dynamite".

Scotland's Kaiser George and Rochester NY's The Hi-Risers had a "jolly good time" and a "blast" during the recording of these fourteen brand new originals, so much so that it seems certain that we can look forward to more releases in the not too distant future. The janitor at Rochester's famed Saxon Recording Studio was heard to remark that it was "as if John Lennon had joined forces with Buddy Holly's Crickets". True? You be the judge, dear listener! One thing's for sure, Kaiser George and the Hi-Risers are an explosive combination when it comes to unbridled Pop 'n' Roll performed with irresistibly carefree abandon.

1. I'd Rather Be You
2. Little Devil
3. Fine and Dandy
4. I Like that Peggy Jones
5. I'm Gonna Haunt You
6. I Like You
7. Shake in the Middle
8. Confession of LOve
9. Come Home to Me
10. Stick Around
11. Everybody Knows
12. Stand by my Baby
13. How Will I Know?
14. I'll Be True

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