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The Delstroyers "Resurrected" EP

The Delstroyers "Resurrected" EP

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Great ‍songs ‍never ‍die; ‍they ‍merely ‍lie ‍beneath ‍the ‍earth, ‍dreaming ‍of ‍the ‍day ‍they ‍will ‍rise ‍again. ‍With ‍“Resurrected“, ‍The ‍Delstroyers ‍have ‍imbued ‍new, ‍unholy ‍life ‍into ‍four ‍such ‍tunes, ‍cloaking ‍them ‍in ‍reverb ‍and ‍fuzz, ‍and ‍summoning ‍them ‍forth ‍to ‍terrify ‍the ‍world!


1. Moon Relay
2. Invasion of the Body Surfers
3. Jezebel
4. The Bogey Man

• Produced and mixed by Evan Foster of The Boss Martians
• Pressed in Nashville, TN, USA

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