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The Continental #30 ft. Pollo Del Mar w/ CD

The Continental #30 ft. Pollo Del Mar w/ CD

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From Double Crown Records:

Issue #30 is our latest issue - once again it features a spectacular full-color cover designed by the ever-amazing Scott of Hidden Volume Records (he did the CD art too!). In this issue we include an conversation between Ferenc Dobronyi of Pollo Del Mar (and Frankie & The Pool Boys) and Mark Klebeck of King of Hawaii, plus an exclusive interview with Mort of The Mono Men / Game For Vultures, Mel Bergman with a look on the Fender Showman, and Johnny Bartlett of The Phantom Surfers in our 20 Questions feature. PLUS there's tons of music, zine and DVD reviews. 52 pages in all - another HUGE issue! You also get a FREE 27-song CD filled with lots of great surf, instro and garage rock tunes - INCLUDING BRAND NEW SONGS BY THE PHANTOM SURFERS, POLLO DEL MAR & SECRET AGENT!!!

1. The Phantom Surfers - Knockin’ A Deuce *
2. Lords Of Atlantis - Long Live The King *
3. The Surfaders - Alien Secretion
4. Pollo Del Mar - The Golden State *
5. King Of Hawaii - Oaxaca
6. The Aqua Barons - Spy Romance
7. Candy Smokes - Drag *
8. Secret Agent - Moros En La Costa *
9. The Evanstones - The Heat
10. SpyTones - The Golden Gun
11. Black Valley Moon - Vampirella
12. Les Agamemnonz - Xiphias *
13. Terremotor - Alcohol, Don’t Run
14. The Metalunas - Space Age Tomorrow
15. Gasolines - Viva Maria Bonita
16. Terreur Twist - Descente a la Cave
17. Perro Avion - Muscle Beach
18. Os Brutus - Rainha da Piscina *
19. Mark Malibu & The Wasagas - Into The Soup
20. Total Death Mechanics - Turtle Head
21. The Thunderbeats - Dark Days And Heartache
22. De Gringos Y Gremmies - Asshole Casserole
23. Colt Cobra - Blood Beach
24. The Breakers - A Date With Destiny
25. Wiped Out - One More Before Dark
26. Surf Zombies - Badass
27. OHO - Destello Por Arqueo (Arclight) *

* - These songs are new, or seeing their physical release for the 1st time on this CD.

CD Mastered by Jonny Browning at Studio Koleman, Surrey BC

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