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The's "Best Hits" LP (Time Bomb)

The's "Best Hits" LP (Time Bomb)

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World’s famous Tokyo female rockin’ garage trio "Best Of" compilation with cover art by SHAG! The gals have selected 14 tracks that represent some of their fave recordings. Includes added bonus alternative recording of "Woo Hoo", as featured in "Kill Bill, Vol. 1"

1. Bomb The Twist
2. Road Runner
3. Dance In The Avenue A
4. I'm Blue
5. Hey! Mashed Potato, Hey!
6. Dream Boy
7. Woo Hoo
8. Three Cool Chicks
9. Harlem Nocturne
10. (I'm Sorry Mama) I'm A Wild One
11. Cuckoo
12. Pretty Little Lilly Can Dance No More
13. Mothra
14. The Barracuda

• Time Bomb Records via Get Hip Recordings
• LP with numbering limited to 500 copies

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