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Exotica Moderne #17

Exotica Moderne #17

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Exotica Moderne is a quarterly publication showcasing the new tiki and lowbrow art and artists, exotic cocktails, kustom kulture, music and more. Focusing on where these genres have been and where they are heading, Exotica Moderne features emerging artists as well as those spearheading these movements. Where all of these subcultures meet and intersect, Exotica Moderne covers next wave of tiki and lowbrow art.

From the publisher:

Featuring a cover by Michigan’s Mark “TOPES” Thompson, we’re heading to Max’s South Seas Hideaway in Grand Rapids for a special release at the Atomic Tiki Bazaar!

Come out on November 5th and 6th as there will be both a pre-release at The Commons - a swanky mid-mod restaurant, with live music by Kitten and Tonics and then a full day at Max’s for the Bazaar!

You’ll be the first to get copies of Exotica Moderne 17, plus we’ll be offering up commemorative Mai Tai glasses just for the occasion. We’ll have them for sale at both The Commons and Max’s. In attendance with be Mark Thompson and publisher Ken Holewczynski. They’ll be on hand to sign your copies of Exotica Moderne.

Along with Mark and Amy, issue 17 features Kitten and the Tonics, the beautiful home tiki bars of Rick Mills and Matt McElfresh – Trader Ric’s – in Indy, and also Justin and Mo Bird’s home getaway – Hale Manu – in Nashville.

Tim Harnett offer up some great praise for Ohio’s Porco Lounge while new contributor Bianca Slagle sits down with Beastie Boys cover artist David Gambale and his Tiki art.

With his Surfer Joe’s US tour continuing, David Bagdade talks with the international musician and Scott Feinblatt gives us his inside take on the recent LA event, Tiki Noire.

And while it’s always good to keep your Tiki feet firmly planted on the ground, both Deanna Weibel and Jay Mize look at Tiki in space, from mugs to bars, respectively.

Ray “Tiki With Ray” Wyland touches down at two Tiki bars in his one-time home, Pittsburgh, while Tiki Tom Duncan transports us the to South Seas “Show of Shows” at the Roney Plaza Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida circa July, 1959.

And since we’re making the rounds, Justin Cristaldi stops in at the newly-opened Sunken Harbor Club in New York City.

Ever need to cook for a crowd and keep it Tiki-themed? Tiki Lindy shows us how to pull this off with more of her excellent recipes covering your main dish, sides, dessert and even her Bora Bora punch.

Plus we'll have our usual music reviews, cocktail recipes and more!


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