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Exotica Moderne #18

Exotica Moderne #18

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Exotica Moderne is a quarterly publication showcasing the new tiki and lowbrow art and artists, exotic cocktails, kustom kulture, music and more. Focusing on where these genres have been and where they are heading, Exotica Moderne features emerging artists as well as those spearheading these movements. Where all of these subcultures meet and intersect, Exotica Moderne covers next wave of tiki and lowbrow art.

From the publisher:

With a gorgeous cover for this issue by Anthony Carpenter, we’re catching up on Anthony’s latest work, plus we’ll also be featuring another one of Grand Rapids, Michigan’s artists, Amy Hall.

And while we’re featuring some amazing artists in Michigan, this issue actually covers a lot of geographical ground. Noah Meseck visits Aku Aku Tiki bar in Oslo, Norway, and we make a stop to check out the work of noted designer Scott Sugiuchi in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Additional stops are made at Tiki Oasis in San Diego, California and Jungle Bird in Cape Coral, Florida.

Dave Bagdade talks with Jim Bacchi about the new Tikiyaki Orchestra album and Tiki Tom Duncan goes out to dinner at the Moon Islander, circa 1972. Tony Manfetano gives us a chance to drink like royalty with a piece on The Royal Hawaiian and Justin Cristaldi gathers some heartfelt tributes to Brother Cleve.

Tiki Lindy pays a much deserved tribute to both Filipino cuisine and to Mariano Licudine with a Tiki Lindy cocktail riff on his famous Last Rites cocktail.

And as usual, music reviews, cocktail recipes and more!


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